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FirstIdea, Inc knows that Diversity and Inclusion training is not a “test” of social acceptance that should be used to satisfy training requirements. But rather, our researched-based trainings take the following factors into consider:

Effective Diversity and Inclusion Training results in:

  • Responsiveness to a changing world and increased diversity
  • Diversity can’t always be seen, but we can always take the time to hear it
  • Diversity increases organizational innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusion training makes for happier, more engaged and more productive employees

You should partner with us to provide your Diversity and Inclusion trainings because we:

  • Create and develop customized culture assessments and change plans that enable your mission and vision — bringing them to life.
  • Tailor assessments, training materials, and evaluative processes to each client to address their unique challenges (and opportunities).
  • Provide top-level service delivered by our senior level consultants with expertise in Diversity and Inclusion, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Culture Change Management and HR consulting.