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About First Idea

Our Approach

At FirstIdea, we make a difference in organizations every day by helping to advance their employees careers. We’re in the business of creating more secure and rewarding futures for our clients and their employees — whether we’re designing written tests, assessments, or aligning workers with workforce needs. Using analysis and insights as catalysts for change, we anticipate and understand the individual impact of business decisions, now and in the future. We see organizations current and future needs through a lens of innovation, and our holistic view, specialized expertise, and deep analytical rigor reinforce every idea and solution we offer.

Our Mission

Assist organizations in identifying and developing the best employees with validated, research-based tools, to create the most innovative, inclusive, and effective workforce.

Our Values

Our fundamental values unite us as a firm. Many organizations across the Nation and their employees around thrive by engaging with FirstIdea because we believe:

  • Quality:  Quality is the core of all of what we do. We strive for excellence in all of what we do, including our products, services, and interactions.
  • Passion:  We are passionate about researching and implementing innovative talent management solutions.
  • Integrity: We are honest, ethical, trustworthy, and fair.
  • Diversity: We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion.

People are at the heart of everything. They drive our innovation, our solutions, and our passions.

Our Story

Next Steps...

We are dedicated to helping you develop a system for finding the best candidates to fill the open positions in your organization. Contact us to strat the process.