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Hiring is equal parts science and art. Through extensive, reliable assessments and exams, we supply the data you need to make the right hiring decisions. We offer both online and in-person exams and assessments throughout the United States – including customizable solutions and access to our extensive assessment library.  We also are pleased to offer GR8Pl – The world’s first fully customizable assessment platform.

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

Written or Online

With written exams we can discover a candidates knowledge, skills, personality, and behavior. 

Written exams – FirstIdea has a reputation for providing challenging, yet fair and relevant, written examinations. A member of our staff works directly with you to develop a customized test plan and robust, 100-question exams. We also are proud of our minimization of adverse impact. Our record in this area is second to none.

Online exams – FirstIdea offers an online solution for the administration of the written exams through our proprietary FirstIdea test center. This site is fully customizable with your material and exams, and is readily available at any time.