Job Analysis


The first step in any great hire is defining the right role. At FirstIdea, we complete a comprehensive job analysis for each position, including responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs). We document “job-relatedness,” ensuring compliance with all Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines. We are experts in psychology and HR sciences, holding Master's and Doctorate-level degrees, and the highest levels of certification.  Our rigorous process includes:

  • Documentation review – We examine current and best-practice documentation, including input other consulting companies ignore. 
  • Meetings with subject matter experts – We work with a diverse group of SMEs to gather important information and performance requirements.
  • Job analysis questionnaires – These address relevant tasks, as well as the KSAOs and required performance.
  • Establish linkages – Our comprehensive analysis provides a wealth of information that can be used to provide a linkage between tasks and competencies.
  • Job analysis report – We develop a thorough report that includes behaviors, tasks, measures of criticality, and more.

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Assessments / Exams


Hiring is equal parts science and art. Through extensive, reliable assessments and exams, we supply the data you need to make the right hiring decisions. We offer both online and in-person exams and assessments throughout the United States – including customizable solutions and access to our extensive assessment library.  We also are pleased to offer GR8PI – The world’s first fully customizable assessment platform.

Assessment Centers – Our white-glove assessment center process is state-of-the art. We handle each step with the upmost quality and efficiency, including site selection and administration, assessor selection and training, candidate orientations, and scoring. In addition to live exams, candidates participate in a series of state-of-the-art, job-related exercises for an in-depth look at their knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics. All exercises are live in front of a panel of assessors, using exercises such as: 

  • Behavioral interviews
  • Oral presentations
  • Role play
  • In-basket
  • Incident command

Assessor selection: Because we work nationally, we have a vast number of well-trained assessors. We also take into consideration gender and ethnicity to ensure it reflects your candidate pool.

Written exams – FirstIdea has a reputation for providing challenging, yet fair and relevant, written examinations. A member of the FirstIdea staff works directly with you to develop a customized test plan and robust, 100-question exams. We also are proud of our minimization of adverse impact. Our record in this area is second to none.

Online exams – FirstIdea offers an online solution for the administration of the written exams through our proprietary FirstIdea test center. This site is fully customizable with your material and exams, and is readily available at any time.

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Executive Search


Quality, professionalism and confidentiality are at the core of who we are and what we do. For almost three decades, we have helped place the right people in the right position at the right time, empowering our clients to focus on what matters. Our proven expertise in executive search ensures top-performing candidates tailored to your unique criteria. 

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